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The message from our Best Sommelier in France

For millennia, man has been working to create new wines, styles and extraordinary winemaking that have given birth to delicious rarities. Sailing wine, orange wine, pink muscat...

With this extraordinary selection, you will discover the most surprising things wine has to offer you... Without forgetting the balance and deliciousness that is so close to our hearts!

Service🍷: to fully enjoy your experience, don't forget to use a glass suitable for tasting and serve the wines at the temperature indicated in the booklet in your box.

Initiation à l'art de la dégustation

Avant tout, voici une rapide initiation à l'art de la dégustation du vin afin qu'il n'ait plus aucun secret pour vous !

Pour cela, rien de mieux qu'un expert dans le domaine !

Orange wine

Sailing wine

Wine made under the sea

Natural Sweet Wine

A final word from the sommelier

We hope you had a great tasting 🍷

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You like wine but wine doesn't like you. No matter how much you smell the corks to detect possible defects, you only smell the smell of cork. You observe but see nothing, you smell but smell nothing, you chew but taste nothing… Is rosé a mixture of red and white? There is still a long way to go but you will get there with practice and tasting!

It's not the desire to become a true tasting master that you lack, but the training. You aspire to be a sommelier, there is no doubt about it, but your senses are not yet sharp enough and all wines have a similar taste. But don't despair: if Beethoven was able to become a musical virtuoso while being deaf, there is hope that you will one day be able to tell a chardonnay from a champagne. Train your nostrils and your taste buds, that's the only thing!

You may be spending too much time deciphering the label and not enough analyzing the contents of your INAO glass. But you have a taste for adventure: you are curious about everything and you explore the vine jungle with a machete without fear. You mess up, you get lost, you fall but you always get back up. You have the enthusiasm of a future oenologist: don't despair, you are on the right wine route!

You are an initiate of the order of good bottles. If you are not yet a great master of taste-vinage, you have the discipline and curiosity necessary to achieve it. If you can't yet distinguish the subtle notes of yuzu at the end of the second nose of a small, obscure wine with heightened minerality, you know with certainty what you like and what you don't like, and that's already a lot !

The precision of your tasting is almost witchcraft. It’s like you fell into an oak barrel when you were little! You simply excel in the art of oenology, you are familiar with the most advanced techniques and your senses are as sharp as those of a professional sommelier. You're pretty good, to say the least... The path to absolute grace is not far away!

You are the Mozart of tasting, the Picasso of the Pomerol cellars, the Einstein of the Savagnin old and Comté accord 36 months of maturing with grains of salt! At a glance, you can distinguish Mourvèdre from Tannat. The subtlety of your senses has risen to the rank of divinity: you discern the most incongruous aromas in a few seconds in any bottle. You have passed to the other side of the barrier: you no longer taste the wine, you write its destiny.

The connoisseurs' corner

Radioactivity can help determine the age of a wine.

To avoid counterfeits, it is possible to determine the year of harvest of a wine by measuring its radioactivity level. If it is quite old, the vines used have had tiny traces linked to the first nuclear tests and the Chernobyl accident.

🍷 Please note: changes in vintages or vintages may occur depending on availability from our partner winegrowers. We will update this page accordingly!