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🔥 €100 minimum order

📦 FREE DELIVERY from 300€ excluding VAT purchase

📊 +60 days maximum payment terms

💰 -100€ on your first order: code LIFT-KJWQDUF8

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You can place an order directly on our site using the decreasing discounts below*:

1 to 4 boxes = -5% code PRO5
5 - 9 = -10% code PRO10
10 - 49 = -15% code PRO15
50 - 99 = -20% code PRO20
100 - 249 = -25% code PRO25
250 - 499 = -30% code PRO30
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💰 UP TO -30% off public prices

🇫🇷 FRENCH COMPANY which highlights the know-how of our terroirs

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*Promotional codes strictly reserved for professional customers, valid on all our boxes in stock on the site. Free delivery within the EU to a single address. Invoice sent after purchase.


Only authorized resellers are authorized to place orders on Ankorstore.

Ankorstore is a B2B marketplace dedicated to the wholesale activity of independent resellers.

To purchase from Ankorstore, you must be a registered merchant with a valid SIREN number.

A merchant has either a physical store (with a storefront), an independent e-shop or a permanent point of sale/corner with a range of products; it buys at wholesale price and resells the products at retail price and retailing is their main business

An Ankorstore merchant does not purchase products to offer them for free (e.g. corporate gifts) and does not use products as supplies or consumables for its professional activities (e.g. massage oil for paramedical activities).

Until you are registered, you cannot access wholesale prices or place orders.

UK and German sole traders can also register on the platform.

Our partner Ankorstore offers a completely free intermediation service for resellers, who pay no commission or hidden fees:

Payment within 30 or 60 days is supported by Ankorstore (subject to eligibility).

Shipping costs are free from €300 excluding tax (single free multi-brand), €30 excluding tax below.

The minimum purchase amount is set at €100 excluding tax.

Today we are available for purchase in:

France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Latvia, Slovenia, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Croatia.

  • You are a company and you want to thank your customers or reward your employees.
  • You are responsible for the CSE and you want to offer our wine boxes to the staff.
  • You are a staff representative and you would like to offer employees the opportunity to take advantage of this advantageous offer as part of group purchases (offer subject to conditions).

You can place an order directly on our site thanks to our decreasing discounts above.

Flakon has thought of businesses and communities by setting up a special program for CSEs (Social and Economic Committees), communities and within the framework of group purchases .

Thus, through their CSE, employees benefit from preferential rates of up to 30% off the public price.

And because Flakon boxes are the perfect thoughtful gift, this offer is also available to companies as part of their business gifts or gifts for staff by consulting our discounts above.

We do not offer a customization option at this time.

Yes, we can deliver to your recipients worldwide.

View our shipping rates for more information.