5 Italian wines to discover!

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Buongiorno, wine lover! When we talk about Italy, we immediately think of pasta, pizza and... wine, of course! It is the country with the most varieties of wine in the world. Do you think you know everything about Italian wines? Think again, because we are going to take you on a wine escapade to discover hidden treasures.

In the boot-shaped country, wine is not just a drink, it is a true work of art. With more than 2,000 indigenous grape varieties, Italy is a true paradise for wine lovers. Get ready to uncork bottles that will make you say “Mamma mia!”.

Barolo, the “king of wines”

Barolo , nicknamed the "king of wines", is a red wine from Piedmont that lives up to its name. Made from the Nebbiolo grape variety, it is powerful, tannic, with notes of cherries and roses, and a hint of white truffle. A wine that can make a connoisseur tremble with pleasure!

Now imagine yourself in a Piedmontese “trattoria”, enjoying a dish of truffles with a glass of Barolo in hand. Barolo tannins pair perfectly with rich, flavorful dishes. The king of wines has the makings of a sovereign, he knows how to wait: a Barolo requires several years of aging to reveal all its complexity.

village of barolo piedmont vineyard viticulture

Verdicchio, a white with little-known elegance

Verdicchio ...a white wine that evokes the gentle hills and picturesque landscapes of the Marche region. This wine, with its golden color and green highlights, offers a perfect balance between freshness and roundness with notes of almond and green apple.

And to accompany this nectar? Consider a fish or seafood dish for the perfect pairing. Verdicchio is like a refreshing sea breeze in the middle of summer. A wine that seduces with its simplicity and elegance. Don't underestimate him, he might just surprise you.

fish dish food and wine pairing verdicchio

L’Amarone della Valpolicella, a unique experience

Head to Veneto to discover Amarone della Valpolicella , a red wine obtained by drying the grapes, which gives it a unique aromatic concentration. With its notes of candied fruit, tobacco and chocolate, it is a real fireworks display for the taste buds!

Amarone is a powerful wine that pairs wonderfully with rich dishes, such as porcini mushroom risotto or game. But be careful, this is a wine that should be drunk in moderation, because its alcohol level is higher than average. This is an experience not to be missed for any wine lover.

risotto with porcini mushrooms food and wine pairing amarone

Vernaccia di San Gimignano, a Tuscan treasure

Vernaccia di San Gimignano is a hidden treasure in Tuscany, a region best known for its Chianti. It is a dry white wine with delicate aromas of flowers and stone fruits. Its minerality and acidity make it an excellent companion for seafood or poultry dishes.

Imagine yourself in a small osteria in San Gimignano, enjoying a plate of seafood pasta with a glass of Vernaccia. The Tuscan landscape stretches out before you, the city's medieval towers loom on the horizon... You don't just have a glass of wine in your hand, you hold a whole piece of history and culture. culture of Tuscany.

village of san gimignano tuscan wine

The Nero d'Avola, the pearl of Sicily

Finally, we end our journey with the Nero d'Avola , the pearl of Sicily. This deep red wine offers generous notes of black cherries, plums and spices. It has a full body and a tannic structure that allows aging in the bottle, revealing notes of cocoa and tobacco over time.

Nero d'Avola, with its power and richness, is the ideal companion for robust dishes. Imagine roast lamb, fish couscous or Sicilian pecorino cheese... A toast to Sicilian "dolce vita" with a glass of Nero d'Avola!

italian red wine nero d'avola

Discover wines from elsewhere

But of course, the wine journey does not stop at the borders of Italy. For those who thirst for adventure and discovery, why not offer a “ Great Wines of the World ” box? This trunk of wine treasures transports you through four stops, for a colorful and flavor-rich tasting.

Imagine yourself tasting a 2020 Pinotage from South Africa, with its aromas of red fruits and vanilla. A red wine, robust and spicy, like the wild fauna of the savannah. Then, travel to New Zealand with a 2021 Sauvignon Blanc, refreshing and delicately scented, reminiscent of the freshness of the Kiwi mountains. Heading to the Middle East then, with a 2020 Viognier from Lebanon. This white wine, exotic and floral, is a true tribute to the historical richness of this region of the world. Finally, end your trip to Chile with a Cabernet Franc 2018. A powerful and elegant red wine, like the Andean peaks that dominate the Chilean vineyards.

flakon wines world wine box for an overview of world wines to discover

This exploration of world wines is a unique experience, rich in discoveries and emotions. The “ Great Wines of the World ” box set is the ideal passport for an oenological journey without leaving your living room.

Coming back to Italy, this country is a true mosaic of wines, with each region offering its own character and particularities. From the power of Barolo to the freshness of Verdicchio, the complexity of Amarone, the elegance of Vernaccia and the richness of Nero d'Avola, Italy has so much to offer wine lovers. So, ready for a new oenological adventure?