7 gift ideas based on a bottle of wine


bottles of wine gift ideas around wine

Wine, this divine drink which has crossed centuries and cultures, still arouses as much fascination, conviviality and gluttony. Whether you are an enlightened amateur, an informed connoisseur or a simply curious person, wine has the capacity to transport us, to awaken our senses and to write stories. And that’s precisely why it makes an exceptional gift.

Whatever the occasion, here are 7 gift ideas based on a bottle of wine that are sure to delight lovers of good wines and novices thirsty for knowledge. So, open a bottle of your favorite grand cru and embark with us on a journey through the terroirs, aromas and pleasures of wine.

1. Vineyard visit with tasting

What could be more intoxicating for a wine lover than immersing yourself in the mysterious and seductive world of a real vineyard? Offering a vineyard visit with tasting is inviting the recipient to breathe the fresh air of the vines, to hear the passionate stories of the winegrowers and to taste the authentic aromas of the terroir.

It's more than a gift, it's a complete sensory experience. From seeing the swaying vines, to feeling the ground beneath your feet, to tasting the wine straight from the source, it's an adventure that will leave lasting and treasured memories for any wine lover. In particular, you can follow the different wine routes to find what you are looking for!

vineyard landscape wine tourism gift idea around wine

2. World wine list

For the wine lover who likes to escape, a world wine list is a window open to a world of discoveries. It's a way to travel through the wine regions of the world, without leaving the comfort of your living room, to discover new grape varieties and virtually taste the great wines of each region.

Each glass of wine tasted can become a real exploration with this menu. It serves as a guide to deepen the knowledge of wines and regions, inspiration to discover new flavors and motivation to try wines off the beaten track. This is particularly what we offer with the “ Les Grands Vins du Monde ” box set. It's the perfect gift for the traveler and taster in one.

wine maps map of French vineyards gift idea

3. Wine club membership

A wine club membership is like giving a gift every month. It's a chance for the recipient to discover a variety of wines they might not have chosen themselves, selected by experts who have spent hours finding the best bottles for their club.

But a wine club is more than just delivering bottles. It's a true community of wine enthusiasts, where you can exchange tasting tips, share experiences and even participate in virtual tastings. It is an experience that adapts to the tastes and preferences of the recipient, which evolves with them. You can consult this directory to find one near you.

wine club wine tasting lover gift idea

4. Wine Accessory Kit

A wine accessory kit can transform the wine tasting experience into a true ceremony. From the high-quality corkscrew to the elegant aerator , each tool has its role to play in enhancing the wine and making it shine.

wine accessory corkscrew gift idea around wine

But it's not just about functionality. Each accessory is a piece of art in itself, an object to admire and cherish. A wine accessory kit is a gift that combines business with pleasure, practicality with aesthetics. You will find many different boxes from both e-commerce giants and wine specialists.

5. Wine tasting class

Imagine offering a wine enthusiast the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, refine their palate and elevate their tasting to a professional level. A wine tasting class can be the perfect gift that makes it all happen. It's a chance for the recipient to learn from real sommeliers or enologists, discover the intricacies of wine, and develop a new appreciation for each sip.

Beyond learning, a tasting class is also a social and entertaining experience. It is an opportunity to interact with other wine lovers, to share impressions and opinions, to laugh and to enjoy the conviviality around a tasting table. A gift that is sure to be appreciated and memorable. However, if you do not have the flexibility or proximity to one of the places that offer these courses, you can use our tasting box which offers digital training to develop your palate according to the rules of the art!

wine tasting class wine lover gift idea

6. Box of wine in bottles

The box of wine in bottles is an original gift, the ultimate expression of elegance and refinement. Each bottle is an invitation to discover a new wine, a new region, a new vintage. It's a chance for the recipient to explore the world of wine at their own pace, enjoying every sip and savoring the experience. Each of our boxes is carefully designed to introduce a part of oenology to those who taste it, with a selection of tailor-made wines.

At Flakon, we have favored this format to offer you a diversity of great wines at affordable prices. In addition, its dosage is ideal, because you can hit the road in complete safety afterwards (unless you drink several of course!). We offer no less than 6 boxes to suit all palates. And if you don't know what to choose, don't panic, you can use a gift card!

flakon legendary wine box original gift idea

7. Book dedicated to wine

If your recipient is a wine lover who also enjoys reading, a book dedicated to wine could be the perfect gift. Books such as " The World Wine Atlas " offer a wealth of information on everything from grape varieties to winemaking techniques, classified growths and vineyards to discover. They are not only informative, but also beautifully illustrated, making them a lovely addition to any library.

For an even more personal touch, you could choose a book that focuses on a specific wine region - for example, Burgundy or the Rhône Valley - or on a particular type of wine, such as champagne or robust red wines. It's a great way to show that you've thought about your recipient's tastes and interests. And who knows? Maybe your gift will inspire a wine trip or tasting a new vintage.

book around the world in 80 glasses original gift idea around wine

In summary, the world of wine offers an endless range of gift ideas for lovers of all levels. Whether it's for a going away drink, Father's Day, or simply to say thank you, these ideas are much more than just a gift. They are an invitation to discover, appreciate and celebrate the wonderful world of wine. So, next time you're looking for the perfect gift , don't forget to take a look at these options!