Wine Advent calendar: 5 reasons to offer the Flakon box to your companion

Flakon advent calendar 3-quarter view of the 2 boxes

The end of year festivities are fast approaching, and you are looking for the ideal gift to surprise your other half? You want something special, unforgettable, which will give them moments of joy and discovery throughout the month of December, but there you have it: gift ideas abound and advent calendars all look the same. You are fed up with kirsch chocolates and thalassotherapy gift cards that your partner accepts with a big smile so as not to disappoint you when deep down, you know very well that he would give a kidney so that you would stop offering him complementary Mr. and Mrs. “ Insert your first names” mugs.

duo of Mrs and Mr cups with first names

Fortunately, Flakon comes to the rescue: the 24 wine Advent calendar is the answer to all your problems. Whether a connoisseur, a confirmed amateur or a curious neophyte, your companion is about to take an unforgettable journey to the heart of the vineyards of France and the world which will make him a true oenologist at home. We give you the 5 reasons that make it the essential gift for him!

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1. An Oenological Journey to the heart of the terroir: 12 Wines of France

The Flakon 24 Wine Advent Calendar is designed for wine lovers, taste explorers and curious people around the world. The first half of this exclusive box is dedicated to the terroirs of our beautiful country: France (yes, yes baguette). Whether you are a connoisseur of French vineyards or not, this cavalcade in the heart of cheese country is an opportunity to make or remake your palate by confronting it with the incredible richness of French wines, famous both for their excellence and their diversity. .

French wine tasting

Your itinerary has been carefully planned by our wine mappers (and rest assured they have the bottle) to marvel daily at the incredible French bounty: from the iconic Bordeaux reds, to the characteristic whites of the Loire. From the subtle reds of Burgundy to the power of Côtes-du-Rhône. From the incredible complexity of Alsatian grape varieties to the warm confines of the Isle of Beauty, this is not a health walk that awaits your other half, it is an aromatic odyssey at the heart of 1000 years of wine history.

2. Around the world in 80 aromas: 12 wines from around the world

Flakon's 24 wine Advent calendar doesn't stop at the border. The second part of the box will put your man's adventurous soul to the test with a selection of 12 wines from around the world. 11 different countries, recognized for their legendary wines. Each bottle is an invitation to explore distant lands and discover new tasting horizons. Be careful to prepare your trip well, however, because tasting a wine from the other side of the world promises to discover a new color.

tasting a New Zealand white wine

From flamboyant Italian wines to heady Chilean wines to the island wines of New Zealand, this calendar is a wine journey around the globe. Your companion will discover the unique characteristics of each wine region and the aromatic notes that make up the charm and complexity of each grape variety, each terroir, each climate throughout the world.

3. A tasting every day: the magic of Advent

Offering Flakon’s 24 wine Advent calendar means offering a daily tasting experience. Every day (even in the early morning, if you like to hike at a time when the countryside is white), you will take a step together in your oenological journey. Because you see, while there is a great diversity of wine calendars , none places as much emphasis on learning to taste as the Flakon calendar.

Flakon tasting book to become an expert

This trip is not about a meter of shots to be waxed as quickly as possible. It’s a learning journey: through the step-by-step online guide and your tasting notebook, you will learn the art of tasting step by step ( of which here is a succulent and succulent taste! )

  • Train your nose and palate to recognize subtler, more complex aromas and flavors.
  • Learn to identify the age of a wine at a glance by the simple color of its color and the brilliance of its reflections.
  • Distinguish a grape variety by its own olfactory and taste attributes.
  • Know how to determine the size of an area of ​​a single nostril by the variety of its aromatic palette.
  • Dare to say: “I perceive aromas of undergrowth and a hint of flint and wild boar leather” without flinching in front of 25 guests.

Imagine the lively conversations and debates on terroirs, climates, and food and wine pairings that this box will inspire you.

4. Guaranteed quality: Flakon wines

quality wines for tasting by Flakon

The quality of the wines offered is the priority at Flakon. The wines included in this calendar are the result of a rigorous selection, guaranteeing an exceptional tasting experience. Each wine is chosen for its unique character, its subtle aromas and its authenticity based on the opinions of three major players.

  • Our group of experts who taste the wines and agree on which ones they value the most.
  • Greatest professional wine critics like Robert Parker , James Suckling and Jancis Robinson .
  • The public's opinion on Vivino , bringing together connoisseurs and amateurs, for a broader opinion and taking into account the favorites of the greatest number.

We are committed to providing your companion with a premier taste experience. He will discover oenological treasures throughout the month of December, and each of these discoveries will be memorable in its own way.

5. Order now: make your Advent unforgettable

Don't miss this opportunity to surprise your other half with a gift that will make them travel every day in December. Order Flakon's 24 wine Advent calendar now: the Super Early Birds offer allows you to save €10 with the code AVENT10 , but hurry! It is not eternal...

Flakon advent calendar interior view

Let us help you make this Christmas memorable, full of flavors and discoveries. Give your man the perfect gift and celebrate love, adventure and passion for wine. The Flakon 24 Wine Advent Calendar is the key to an exceptional Christmas. Order it today and get ready to amaze your loved one.

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