Flakon VS Royal wine: which one to choose?

wine boxes to choose according to your desires

Have you ever been perplexed by a bottle of wine, wondering if it's the right one to accompany your family meal? And is the format the right one ? If the lucky person doesn't like your bottle, it will be ruined! Well, we are here to help you decipher this puzzle. Today, we're going to explore two rising stars in the wine tasting world to put any remaining doubts about the perfect gift to rest: Vin Royal and Flakon. Prepare for a journey full of flavors and surprises!

Let’s discover Vin Royal!

Allow me to introduce you to the monarch of wines: Vin Royal . Created by wine school graduates (yes, they went to school for that), this company was voted “ Best Online Wine Sales Site 2023 ”. A well-deserved title, since they seem to have found the Holy Grail of wines: quality, affordable price and variety. Their secret? A group of experts who taste thousands of wines every year, and not just for fun (although we suppose that's a nice perk of their job). Their mission: to find wines that are worth every penny.

vinroyal assortment 12 table wines

Their biggest advantage: the price

Alright Alright. Wine can cost an arm and a leg, right? Well, think again! Vin Royal is here to revolutionize the way you think. One of their greatest strengths is that they offer wines at very reasonable prices. Because after all, who said that quality had to rhyme with extravagance? Not Vin Royal in any case. They have made the democratization of wine their battle horse.

A large catalog

And let's talk about their catalog. Vin Royal is not just a company, it is a true ambassador of wine. With a range as vast as a Bordeaux vineyard, there is something for everyone. Are you more of a fan of robust red wine? They have some. Do you prefer a sweet white wine? They have them too. Are you more of the adventurous type and looking for an exotic orange wine? Guess what...they have them! Their catalog is so extensive that you could very well spend an entire day there without even realizing it. It's like Netflix, but for wine.

A digital wine cellar

Their website is like a digital wine cellar, an Ali Baba's cave for wine lovers. Not only can you browse their impressive collection, but you can also benefit from their personalized recommendations like with a real wine merchant. Not sure which bottle to choose for your romantic meal? They have an algorithm for that. Looking for a perfect wine to accompany your next barbecue? They have a suggestion for that.

The concept of Flakon

On the other side, we have Flakon. Founded by Clément, a wine enthusiast who had a bright idea while working in New York: making wine tasting accessible to everyone. How ? By offering “bottles” of wine, containing two tasting glasses. Finding wine gift ideas can be a tricky subject, but with Flakon, you're sure to find the perfect gift.

Perfect for those who want to try an exceptional wine without having to commit to an entire bottle. Rest assured, the bottling is done carefully to ensure that the yeasts, tannins and residual sugar are preserved, as if they were in their original barrels! Flakon offers a selection of great wines, handpicked by professionals. A brilliant idea that could well revolutionize the way we taste wine.

legendary flakon wine box

Wine boxes to taste

Sometimes, we would like to taste a little bit of everything while seeing a wine list: explore it by theme, by region of origin or even by grape variety, but all that costs a lot! Well, Flakon has a solution for that: tasting boxes .

Imagine an assortment of hand-picked wine bottles based on vintage and appellation, delivered straight to your door. Each wine is carefully selected for its taste qualities. It's like a tasting in a cellar, but in the comfort of your home, a gourmet moment in the comfort of your armchair. Don't know where to start your wine adventure? No problem, their boxes are there to guide you. 

Valorization of French heritage

But don't think Flakon just sells wine. Oh no, it's much more than that. Flakon makes a point of promoting French heritage and our winegrowers. After all, what better place to appreciate wine than France and the richness of its vineyards, winemaking techniques and grape varieties? You can choose to opt for the French wine scratch card . When you open a bottle, it's not just a wine you're tasting, it's a piece of French history and culture. And that, my friends, is an experience in itself.

An innovation for good reasons

Now let me tell you something. Flakon is not just a wine company that one day decided to innovate for the sake of it. They did it for good reasons. By offering their wines in bottles, they have thought about the environment by reducing waste, but also about making wine tasting more accessible. No more worrying about not finishing a whole bottle.

Just want a glass of wine after a long day? No problem, Flakon has you covered. Their bottles strike the right balance between indulgence and responsibility. One more reason to raise a glass to this startup!

Tips for choosing what's best for you!

The real question is: under what circumstances should you choose between Vin Royal and Flakon? Allow me to enlighten you.

how and in relation to what to choose between flakon and vinroyal

If you are an intrepid explorer of the wine world, always ready to discover new flavors and think outside the box, then Flakon could be your ideal choice. There are only good reasons to choose a wine box from them!

Their unique concept of "bottles", which hold just enough for two tasting glasses, are perfect for those who like to experiment without committing to an entire bottle. In addition, their selection of classified and exclusive grands crus will make the heart of any oenological adventurer beat faster.

On the other hand, if you are more the type of person looking for a sure value, a wine that combines quality and accessibility, then Vin Royal is for you. Their mission is to find wines for you that offer excellent value for money. They offer almost all types of wines, organized in a clear way. Which greatly facilitates the choice process. And if you don't like the wine you chose, they'll give you your money back. It's like a friend saying, "Don't worry, I've got you covered."

Ultimately, your choice will depend on what you're looking for in your wine tasting experience. Will it be more for a romantic date ? A food and wine pairing for a chic dinner at home or simply to accompany your foie gras ? Whatever the use or circumstances for consuming a good wine, these two brands each have serious arguments! So, are you ready to make your decision?