Wine in the restaurant: the first date

Wine is the favorite alcoholic drink of the French. To summarize this for you in a few figures, 81% of French people drink it and almost half consume it at least weekly.

In addition to being a wine consuming country, France is also one of the most popular and appreciated wine producers around the world. At home, but especially in restaurants, it plays a central role in the experience. In the bottle, in the pitcher, but above all by the glass, wine is the main guest, in all contexts. But the one we are looking at today is the first one.

An event as anticipated as it is feared, the first date is the moment when you really get an idea of ​​the person in front of you. You have to be serious, but not a killjoy, to prove yourself without verging on arrogance, all without putting too much pressure on yourself! And honestly, a small glass of wine has the ability to give a little courage and relax the atmosphere. So you might as well take advantage of this to show your date some knowledge when ordering.

Today, our mission at Flakon is to guide you on how and how to choose your wine in a restaurant during a first date. So relax, read and take notes. 🤓

How to choose the right wine in a restaurant?

First, we will focus on the criteria to take into account when choosing your wine.

Our first tip is to aim for one drink per person to start. First of all, it allows you to choose two different wines. No disagreements and twice the flavors! But above all, you have to start slowly, because we don't necessarily know how our body can react, and it's always nicer to enjoy the moment in complete sobriety. 😆

Let’s get to the heart of the matter: how to make your choice?

As of now, there are still some dishes to avoid. For example, we will avoid too many herbs and garlic for obvious reasons. To be safe, we recommend conventional dishes, which are easily eaten with cutlery or chopsticks. After making your choice, you need to choose a wine that goes well with your dish. Your wine should complement your meal. It should neither overpower the taste nor be too discreet in the mouth.

For meat, dishes with sauces like beef bourguignon , we advise you to go with a red. A sure value. In addition, red wine is THE romantic drink par excellence. But you can also opt for a dry white which goes very well with white meats. If you go for fish, we would rather go for a dry and fruity white wine, a treat.

Your choice will also vary depending on the wine list available to you. First, take a look, but above all don't hesitate to ask the opinion and preferences of the person in front of you. It's always nicer than playing the expert and bordering on arrogance. What we advise you to do is direct your date and then your server towards flavors or areas that you like, while asking for advice. Humility is also proof of self-confidence!

Finally, when tasting, taste at the same time to share the moment, gallantry comes from both sides. Finally, don't hesitate to communicate your thoughts and let the other person express themselves: a choice that is made together is very romantic.

Our Flakon recommendations

Now that we've pointed you out on the form, let's move on to the substance. To be sure to make a relevant choice of wine, stick to safe values.

For vintages, we recommend four: 2005, 2009, 2015 and 2019. These years were fruitful in the vast majority of French wine regions.

In addition, you can easily find what you're looking for by the glass in any restaurant without breaking the bank thanks to our sure values.

As for red wines, Bordeaux is particularly recommended. With a wide variety of work, taste and grape varieties, the Bordeaux region will delight your taste buds (and that of your guest). For example, a Pomerol or a Saint-Émilion will work perfectly with a main course. With a Merlot grape variety known for its sweetness, maturity and elegance, these wines will be easy to drink with food as well as by the glass.

Concerning white wines, we will follow the same logic. Light wines, not too sweet. For example, we will avoid Monbazillac, which has a fairly strong taste and very high sweetness. This is a wine that is best drunk during the holidays or cold periods. Conversely, we advise you to focus on a lively and fruity white, which will awaken your taste buds without saturating them.

To do this, here are our recommendations:

  • Pouilly Fumé from the Center Loire: this wine obtained from the Sauvignon blanc grape variety offers a fresh and limey taste. Its particular bouquet has earned it the nickname of gunflint.
  • Picpoul de Pinet from Languedoc: this wine is proof that delicious and balanced whites are produced in a Mediterranean climate.

From now on, you have all the cards in hand to shine without burning out on your next date. Wine is a fascinating subject to learn but also to share. Don’t hesitate to share it with your guest for a wine-tastic moment.

Oh, and we forgot the main thing: be yourself!