Why bottles?

At Flakon, our mission is to bring wine into the 21st century by making it more accessible through magical drinking experiences

Flakon bottles 12 wines from France tasting samples like the pros

Wine is an incredible world to explore, and we want to give you all the keys to having the best possible trip.

Why this format?

For this reason, we are convinced that the bottle is today the best way to appreciate several wines side by side, which allows them to be compared much more easily.

Normally, this type of tasting of several wines side by side is reserved for wine clubs or private events, which can order several bottles and divide them between guests.

We know that not everyone has the chance (or the desire!) to have easy access to this type of event, so we tried to find the best way to reproduce it at home. And for the moment, the best solution found is that of bottles!

A glass bottle has a capacity of 10cl, a good tasting quantity, which will allow you to fully appreciate a glass of each wine without having to finish the bottle.

Where do our bottles come from?

We obtain our bottles thanks to our great partner supplier based in Bordeaux. Basically, bottles were invented to allow the great Bordeaux Châteaux to send samples of their wines to professionals rather than whole bottles. But today, we are working hand in hand with them to make this format known to the general public.

Our partner supplier uses a special patented machine to transfer wine from bottles to flasks without ever passing through the air. This prevents the precious liquid from oxidizing, so that the wine retains all its aromas, color and taste qualities for years!

Flakon bottles tasting wine experience differently

Few people know it, but if it is well made, the screw cap respects the wine as much or more than a classic cork stopper. Absence of “cork taint”, perfectly controlled sealing, storage lying or standing, possibility of controlling gas exchanges thanks to different types of seals. These are the main advantages of the screw cap.

Fun Fact : the French are world champions in corkscrews and have one or two per house on average. On the contrary, in China there is only one corkscrew for every fifteen houses. So in the rest of the world, screw caps are essential, even for very high quality wines.