What gift to choose for Father's Day?

father's day find an original gift by flakon

Ah, Father's Day! This special day when we rack our brains to find an original gift idea that will please your dear dad. So you are looking to give him a gift that is both unusual and customizable, which reminds him how much you love him and how much he means to you. So, what gift to choose for Father's Day?

Classic gifts for Father's Day

We all know the classic Father's Day gifts: the tie, the key ring, the personalized mug ... But let's face it, these gift ideas lack a little originality, right? This year, you want to give a gift that is out of the ordinary, a gift that will surprise your dad and make him say:

“Wow, I didn’t expect that!”

Indeed, these traditional gifts have their charm and can sometimes hit the mark, especially if they are personalized. A mug with a family photo or a key ring engraved with a touching message can be gifts that, although classic, are full of emotion. However, it must be admitted that these gifts are often predictable. How many times has your father feigned surprise while unwrapping his umpteenth tie? How many mugs can he accumulate in his cupboard before he gets bored?

personalized lambda father's day mug

This is where the challenge arises. How to find an original gift, a gift that stands out from the crowd, a gift that will make your father's eyes shine and bring a sincere smile from him? This year, you want to give him a gift that will make him say:

“It’s a really great idea, I didn’t expect it at all!”

And to do this, you have to think outside the box, explore new ideas, and above all, know your father's tastes and passions. Because after all, the best gift is the one chosen with the heart.

Do you know your dad?

So, to find an original gift, you must first know your father's passions. Does he like sports? The music ? The kitchen ? High tech gadgets? Once you've identified what makes him tick, you can start looking for gift ideas that match his interests. For example, if your father is a whiskey lover, we could offer him a tasting box of whiskeys from around the world.

whiskybow whiskey discovery gift idea

Taking your father's passions into account to find the perfect gift is a way of showing that you really know him, that you are interested in what he likes and that you have taken the time to look. a gift that suits him. It's also a way to offer him a moment of pleasure, an experience that he will really appreciate.

Our selection at Flakon

But if you want to please your father, why not give him a gift that combines elegance, sophistication and taste pleasure? I am of course talking about wine. Giving a bottle of wine is like giving a journey in a glass, an exploration of flavors and aromas that will delight your father's taste buds. However, very often, an entire bottle is rarely finished. Plus, since it has a certain cost, you only buy one or two. And if you are an experienced wine enthusiast, it can quickly become a real headache to find a gift idea around a bottle of wine .

To discover all the richness of French wine (and sometimes from elsewhere), we have chosen to offer a unique format: a box of wine in a bottle (yes, yes, it fills two glasses). Your father will thus be able to have the opportunity to discover up to ten different wines for the price of a good bottle!

flakon bottles original Father's Day gift idea

We offer various products around our concept and wine. We are committed to offering an immersive and educational experience to educate as many people as possible in the secrets of oenology! And this, while being suitable for all budgets! Here is our tailor-made selection:

The connected wine aerator

If you are looking for an original idea, at the cutting edge of technology, we offer the world's first connected wine aerator. It is particularly used in the largest palaces. Thanks to its patented micro-oxygenation technology, you can have an aerated wine in seconds, instead of the many hours it would take. A real time saver and a good way to fully enjoy tasting your great wines from their best angles.

Budget: €449 Find out more here

The Great Wines of France 

This box is a real invitation to travel through the wine regions of France. It contains 4 great emblematic wines of France, carefully selected for their quality and unique character. Each wine is presented in a tasting bottle, allowing your father to discover a new wine gem without having to open an entire bottle.

Budget: €59 Find out more here

The “Le Monde du Vin” scratch card 

If your dad is a true wine explorer, this scratch map is the perfect gift. It allows you to mark all the countries whose wine you have tasted. Each time he scratches a country, it appears orange, revealing information about it. It is a gift that is both fun and informative, which will nicely decorate the wall of your wine cellar or kitchen. You can combine it with our “ Great Wines of the World ” box for an even more complete experience.

scratch map of the world of wine flakon original Father's Day gift idea

Budget: €39 Find out more here

In conclusion, just like Grandfather's Day , choosing a Father's Day gift doesn't have to be complicated. You just need to know your dad's tastes, look for a gift that matches his passions, and don't hesitate to think outside the box. And with Flakon wine boxes, you're sure to give a gift that will hit the mark. So this year, for Father's Day, offer him an unforgettable tasting experience, adapted to his taster profile !