What gift to give a man for Valentine's Day?


The fateful date of February 14 is fast approaching and you don't know what to give your Valentine? Every year, it's the same debacle on Valentine's Day: you have to find an original gift, please him and make him feel unique and special. Not an easy task in short. And it’s not yet another pair of matching mugs or kirsch chocolates that will help you make a difference in your life. Yet that’s the goal!

Fortunately, we have put together an (almost) exhaustive guide to the perfect gift to give your man to make your Valentine's Day an unforgettable romantic moment. No more Gillette shaving sets, garish kitchen aprons and personalized socks, you will become an expert in the art of gifting.

In what way? By simply following our instructions according to the passions of your boyfriend, your husband, your partner or whatever. You will become the woman for the job!

Be careful, obviously each person is unique, even if they have the same hobbies as others, so it's mainly about finding original ideas around what your man likes to do.

And don't forget the proverb I just invented: to give well, sometimes you have to let people choose. After all, no one knows better than him what he likes. The best thing about an ideal gift is to know it like the back of your hand, and no article, however long and detailed it may be, can do it better than you!

Ready for our great selection? Let's go !

What present to give to a gourmet man for February 14?

Sometimes a gourmet, sometimes a bon vivant, this is actually most men because we are not complex entities: give your Valentine a beer and a bib and he will be the happiest of men.

The gourmand: gastronomic or bistronomic?

Does the object of your love love to eat? Invite him to celebrate in a luxury restaurant, go high-end but don't forget: if he is a culinary aesthete, opt for a gourmet restaurant, even a Michelin-starred one to make your Valentine's Day an exceptional moment which he will remember forever!


On the other hand, if your man is a fan of eating well, find a bistro where you eat well and in quantity. We must never confuse the aesthete and the bon vivant otherwise we end up with an addition that amounts to two zeros and a grumpy person who complains of still being hungry.

The sommelier: wine boxes, wine calendar and tasting

If your companion loves wine then it's time to surprise him with a truly original tasting tour. Whether he is a curious but beginner amateur or an expert in sommelier, the Flakon boxes offer a variety of tasting courses for all tastes which will allow him to discover exceptional wines that he will not have the opportunity to taste on every street corner.

Flakon tasting boxes are specially designed for you to spend an unforgettable moment of discovery together during your romantic Valentine's Day evening. It’s still damn romantic, you’ll admit!

Boxes to (re)discover French wines

If your man loves the great classics, offer him a wine tour of France with the 12 Vins de France box , the opportunity to (re)discover the incredible richness of our French terroir: from Bordeaux to Burgundy and Loire to Provence via the great wines of the Rhône.

For smaller budgets, there is also a 4 wine version , and if you want to focus on a particular type of wine, the Grands Rouges de France and Grands Blancs de France boxes are made for you!


The box set for an excursion into legendary areas

If your man is the type to collect very beautiful bottles and expects the best of the French terroir from a wine tasting, then offer him the Legendary Wines box to enhance his Valentine's Day. More than a tasting tour, there you will experience French oenological excellence with these four exceptional grands crus designed by four legendary estates of the French vineyard.


The box set for a trip around the world

Is your man a wine adventurer who likes a change of scenery and discovering new horizons? The Grands Vins du Monde box will be the perfect companion for a taste odyssey in vineyards around the world. Discover together the unsuspected aromas of wines from elsewhere: New Zealand, South Africa, Chile… take him on an unusual world tour!

The Advent calendar extends the experience with 12 great wines from around the world! If you want to continue your tour of the world’s vineyards…


The box for an unusual getaway

If you want for your Valentine's Day a selection of some of the rarest wines in the world for their unique winemaking method, then the Rare Wines box set is the conductor of your February 14th. Give him an escape under the sea, through the ice or even under a Sabbath moon. Intrigued? It will be fulfilled!


The chef: give him a master knife

If your Valentine is himself a cooking enthusiast and an inveterate chef (lucky you), let's avoid recipe books and go for professional equipment that he might lack, like beautiful cutlery for example. This won't be the least of Valentine's Day gifts because a chef has only one knife and he doesn't lend it, so if this knife comes from you, he will be touched right in the heart. You can even offer a personalized engraving to make your present even more unique.


What gift to give to a sports fan?

You see who we're talking about: his passion is a very specific sport, whether he's been practicing it assiduously since he was 6 years old or following all the events that revolve around it, even the most obscure ones broadcast live in the middle of the night. It’s not “just sport” by the way, don’t you dare put his passion into perspective because it’s certainly as important to him as you are.

That was the bad news. But there is also excellent news: this fad is an inexhaustible source of gifts that will be a hit every Valentine's Day if they are targeted carefully.

The athlete: equipment, activities and sports trips

Is your partner never at home because he devotes five days a week to practicing his sport? And the remaining two days he spends talking to you about it because he's missing it? It's crazy about cycling, sliding, marathons, hiking, hang gliding, diving, rugby, swimming, squash (?), the list is endless. We don't want to encourage you to feed his addiction, of course, but show (or make people believe) that you love his hobby so much that he can only please him, there's no question.

A bike bag for your road trips

Like that of the 100% French Vélotafeur , a bag that can be transformed into a backpack. Ideal for both bike commutes to work and 150km road trips on the weekends, this gift will undoubtedly delight your man's Valentine's Day if his bike is his second love (you are the first of course) .


Running shoes for your hardened marathon runner

If your Valentine likes to shout out over 42, 90 or 180km, and he trembles with excitement at the mention of the UTMB, then please him by buying him suitable running shoes . His gratitude will be eternal!


The aficionado: matches, meetings and sporting events

If your other half is keen on all events directly or indirectly linked to his favorite sport, whether he practices it or not, make his eyes shine on Valentine's Day by offering him two tickets for a sporting event that he waits like a child waits for his presents at Christmas. The Rugby World Cup has passed and it will stay in our throats for a long time but let's not despair, there are a slew of events not to be missed in the starting blocks...

Two places for a match of titans

This is sure to delight your man: two places for the Champions League final (he won't be looking forward to Valentine's Day by more than 4 months), for his favorite sport at the 2024 Olympics ( there are still places left but we hope you have planned ahead), or an NBA match on site (if you book well in advance). Here are also some tips for getting your tickets for less . Enough to make lasting memories at a low price!


A meeting with an athlete he admires

No, you're not dreaming, it's possible provided you practice the sport in question, but you do have the power to make your man meet his idol . If he doesn't marry you after that (a second time if necessary), I don't understand anything anymore.


E-sports: unmissable events

Some will argue that e-sport is not a sport, but if your man is a die-hard fan, don't you dare tell him that, otherwise he will have a heart attack. If he diligently follows all possible League of Legend or Valorant competitions, offer him a place for one of the many competitions that will take place in 2024 and make him a happy man. (There might even be some at the Olympics, so think about it!)


How to treat a man who likes to take care of his style?

If your man likes to take care of his appearance and has an almost compulsive passion for dressing or collecting shoes, you need to exercise caution. Gifting clothes is common but your Valentine's Day gift doesn't have to be common, right? He must brand it with a hot iron (metaphorically). This gift isn't just any gift: it's yours.

The sapper: fashion, clothing and accessories

It's about finding your Valentine a slightly unique piece of clothing: a limited edition, a temporary collection or high-quality manufacturing for example (let's avoid ready-to-wear, that goes without saying). To help you, here is a fairly exhaustive guide to men's fashion . Does he like luxury? So it’s Armani, Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss galore. Love is priceless, isn’t it?


You can also try a personalized gift but be careful, it can sometimes be a slippery slope. We always oscillate between kitsch and cute but the line is fine: printing your name on a sock is not necessarily a great idea, sometimes it is better to settle for a cute little note next to it. Be clever, we trust you (and him too)!

The shoemaker: shoes, sneakers and tatanes

If your man is the type to have an entire wardrobe of 50 pairs of sneakers in his hallway, don't worry too much about what gift to give him on Valentine's Day, destiny is sending you obvious signs. Beware of the most dangerous trap of all: no, they are not all the same and each pair has its own history and meaning. Find great deals here to find THE ideal tatane .

If, as a bonus, you unearth a treasure, whether it's a limited edition or a collector's item that he's been looking for for months, you'll make him a man won over!


The skin carer: beard, hair and skin care

If your man takes care of himself, there is no point in discouraging him. You can go for a classic with a perfume (be careful to match it with its scent). A great Valentine's Day gift could also be a kit of products to take care of your skin , beard and body that is also safe for your health (which people are asking for). Soap, day creams, night creams, beard creams, gels, bath salts, exfoliants, treat yourself, chances are you know better than him. Avoid the barber kit if he is hairless, he might take it badly, we don't all have the same sense of humor after all.


What to give to a traveling Valentine?

Is your man a travel lover? He can't sit still and needs to discover other horizons, whether to discover new cultures or have unforgettable experiences? You're lucky because you're going to enjoy it with him so grab your phone, it's time to look for an Airbnb in Greece! And don't forget the camera.

The adventurer: trips abroad and cultural visits

If your partner is interested in discovering new cultures, visiting new countries and discovering the rich history of the world, take them on a trip ! Whether you opt for a romantic classic like Italy or dare to experience a week in a yurt on the Mongolian plains (which will really surprise them), this will be the Valentine's Day of a lifetime for your couple.


The Epicurean: luxury, festivals and the wine route

If the vibe is more spa, massage and champagne in the minibar than donkey riding to Machu Picchu but you can't afford a five-star hotel every four mornings, the Staycation option is for you. Take your Valentine to a luxury hotel near you for unbeatable prices and experience the millionaire stay of your dreams! You couldn't be more romantic for the celebration of love.

Your companion can also be made of another wood: that of the sensory traveler. Does he like thrills and partying? Here it's heading to Burning Man, Amsterdam (if he hasn't been there, otherwise it's overrated) or Berlin if the guy is into techno. A man of sensory experimentation, offer him a memorable trip to a legendary festival ! It’s another prodigal year, make the most of it.


In another style, the wine trip is, for wine lovers, an opportunity to combine their love of adventure and tasting. Treat your man to the Burgundy wine route if he wants to go on an exceptional taste odyssey!

And don't forget to prepare your palate with the Grands Vins de France box !


How to please a man of culture?

Is your man the intellectual type who ignores himself? He loves art in all its forms and spends his time with his head in books, music or museums? Finding a gift is easy for Valentine's Day, but we have a few ideas to offer you to guarantee you an impression he won't soon forget.

The bookworm: Pléiade and limited editions

If your companion spends his time devouring books, whether he is a fan of novels, poems or boring biographies on 18th century war generals (every taste is different after all), this is know your favorite author and, if possible , find a rare edition , a manuscript if you don't count when you like, or even a classic from La Pléiade with gold letters and pretty little flourishes (but that's perhaps the kind of a slightly overrated book).


The movie buff: trip to Cannes or the Oscars

Is your Valentine the type to hesitate between Yorgos Lanthimos and Andreï Tarkovsky when asked for his favorite director? Watching a film with him is overwhelming because he doesn't know how to settle for I liked it or I didn't like it? Do not hesitate ! Offer him a trip with you for Valentine's Day to one of the major film festivals , whether it's Cannes, Berlin, Venice, he'll be won over!


The art critic: museum tour

If your man likes painting, sculpture and finds peace in museums, offer him a temporary exhibition of a painter he particularly likes, a trip to an emblematic museum where he has never been , or offer a trip to an emblematic city if he's a fan of architecture (there are men who think about the Roman Empire more than three times a week, yes, yes).


Music: concerts and festivals galore

If your partner spends most of his time listening to music, whatever he is doing, and he can talk to you for 3 hours non-stop about David Gilmour if you are unfortunate enough to say that you like Pink Floyd (you see the photo), so offer him a concert ticket alongside you for his favorite artist. If the artist in question has crossed over to the other side of the barrier, turn to making a vinyl of a live edition of one of his favorite albums, it always has an effect (unless he already has them in triplicate of course).


The gamer: games, accessories and equipment

If your man likes to play with the controller, you're in luck because making him happy for Valentine's Day won't be very complicated: just offer him the game he's looking forward to the most (the simplest being Fifa player for whom you just need to buy Fifa 24, finally EA Sports FC 24 as they say now).

If you want to give him a slightly more original Valentine's Day, think about equipment he might need for his PC or even a new console (we don't skimp), there are plenty of ideas to choose from !


That’s it for our gift ideas for Valentine’s Day! If your partner doesn't find happiness in that, it's because he's really difficult. If he has a very particular focus like stamp or beer cap collecting, maybe focus on that but you'll understand why we haven't included it in our guide.

Likewise, we have excluded DIY and all things to tinker with or create yourself, but if he is into this kind of thing, there are plenty of possibilities in terms of workshops for two which will allow you to benefit from a beautiful romantic day. And who hasn't wanted to distill their own whiskey or ferment their own beer after all?

If you are looking for more ideas for gift boxes , or even ideas around the bottle of wine , do not hesitate to consult our other articles for inspiration !