Which wine to choose for beef bourguignon?

beef bourguignon recipe and wine accompaniment

This traditional French dish has been making taste buds salivate for generations. But did you know that choosing the right red wine is crucial to enhancing its flavors? You may have been lost among the appellations, grape varieties and terroirs while looking for the perfect companion for your beef bourguignon. Don't worry, dear lovers of good wine, I am here to guide you in this quest for the wine grail. So, now, let’s find out together which wine to choose to accompany a good beef bourguignon!

The characteristics of the ideal wine for beef bourguignon

To accompany this simmered dish, we look for a tannic red wine, with aromas of red fruits and spices. Exit white wine, make way for pinot noir and other grape varieties which will bring a beautiful roundness to your dish. The secret to a successful food and wine pairing? Find a wine that will marry the flavors of beef, onions, mushrooms and broth without overpowering them. A wine that is too light or too fruity would be no match for this hearty dish. On the other hand, a wine with present tannins and woody notes will work wonders.

The appellations to favor


Cradle of Pinot Noir, this region offers a selection of red wines ideal to accompany your beef bourguignon. Among the wines to remember, consider the Gevrey-Chambertin , Nuits-Saint-Georges and Pommard appellations. Their balance between tannins, acidity and fruitiness will be perfect to enhance your dish.

Burgundy wines and beef bourguignon

Rhône Valley

If you're looking for a more powerful wine, turn to the Côtes du Rhône, where Syrah and Grenache reign supreme. Appellations such as Gigondas or Châteauneuf-du-Pape will offer a beautiful structure and aromatic richness to match beef bourguignon.

wines from the Rhône valley Châteauneuf du pape

Alternatives for tight budgets

No need to break the bank to find a good wine! Indeed, many less prestigious appellations offer quality wines at more affordable prices. Think for example of Beaujolais, where Gamay will bring a fruity touch to your dish, or the wines of Languedoc-Roussillon, where Carignan and Mourvèdre will surprise you with their character.

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French wine tasting Flakon

Tasting tips

Now that you have selected the ideal wine to accompany your beef bourguignon, here are some tips to get the most out of it and impress your guests.

Operating temperature

To fully appreciate the flavors and aromas of wine, serve it at the right temperature. For red wines, this generally means between 16 and 18°C. Do not hesitate to take your wine out of the cellar about an hour before the meal to let it come to room temperature.


Remember to aerate your wine before serving it. This will allow the aromas to flourish and provide an even richer taste experience. To do this, you can use a connected wine aerator or, failing that, open the bottle a few hours before tasting.

wine decanter before serving to aerate it

Food and wine pairings for the entire meal

For a harmonious dining experience, also consider the other dishes in your meal. As a starter, opt for light and fresh dishes, such as a warm goat's cheese salad or oysters. For dessert, favor sweet and fruity flavors, such as a red fruit tart or crème brûlée.

When wine becomes the star ingredient!

Are you a true wine enthusiast and want to take the experience even further? Why not integrate the wine you have selected into the beef bourguignon recipe itself? Indeed, using a quality wine to simmer your dish will give it an unparalleled depth of flavors. Don't forget, however, to keep a bottle for tasting!

beef bourguignon simmered in red wine

The final touch: wine service

After having taken care to choose the ideal wine for your beef bourguignon, it is time to serve it to your guests with panache. Choose glasses suitable for red wine, with a chalice wide enough to allow good ventilation and a long stem to avoid heating the wine with your hands. Fill the glasses to a third of their capacity, to leave room for the aromas to unfold. Finally, serve the wine to your guests with a warm smile and let the magic happen.

With these tips in hand, you are ready to enjoy a memorable taste experience with your beef bourguignon. Don't forget that the main thing is to share these delicious moments with your loved ones and to fully enjoy each bite and each sip. Health !