Which wine to accompany a veal blanquette?

veal blanquette: what food and wine pairings, what to drink with it

How is your blanquette? This traditional dish of French gastronomy is renowned for making our taste buds dance and warming our hearts. But wait a minute, wouldn't it be even better with a nice glass of wine? Yes of course !

Understanding veal blanquette

Veal blanquette is a bit like a good book by Marcel Proust: complex, rich, and absolutely French. It’s a dish that has character, a story, a soul. With its tender meat that melts in your mouth, its creamy sauce that warms the heart, and its vegetables that bring a touch of freshness, blanquette is a true culinary tour de force. It’s a dish that requires time, patience, and a lot of love. A bit like reading a good Proust book, in fact.

But as with any great work, veal blanquette is not enjoyed alone. She needs a companion, a partner who will know how to highlight her, who will know how to highlight her qualities without overshadowing her. And this partner is wine. A good wine can transform a simple blanquette into a real feast, just as good lighting can transform a simple scene into a painting worthy of a great master. So, which wine to choose to accompany our blanquette? This is what we are going to discover.

What are the characteristics of this ideal wine?

So, which wine for our culinary Proust? A white wine, of course. But not just any one. Imagine that you are a conductor, and you must choose the instrument that will play the solo during the grand finale. You won't choose just any instrument. You will look for the one who will be able to bring the final touch to your symphony, the one who will be able to balance the other instruments without dominating them. This is exactly what we are looking for here: a wine that will balance the richness of the sauce, complement the flavors of the meat, and wrap everything up with a certain roundness.

But how to find this wine? We need a wine with good acidity, to counter the richness of the sauce. A wine with fruity aromas, to complement the flavors of the meat. And a wine with a certain roundness, to envelop everything and provide a nice length in the mouth. A wine that will guide our blanquette without overwhelming it, that will highlight it without stealing the spotlight. A wine that will play the perfect solo during our grand culinary finale. It is better to favor dry white wines for a successful food-wine pairing. So, which wine meets these criteria?

The 3 favorites to accompany a veal blanquette

So, who are these wine virtuosos who will know how to play the perfect melody for our blanquette? Here are our 3 suggestions for grape varieties to choose for a memorable time.

A Chablis 

Chablis is more of a violinist, precise and lively, capable of standing up to the most imposing orchestra. With its beautiful acidity and its aromas of green apple and lemon, it will counterbalance the richness of the blanquette. It will bring freshness and liveliness which will highlight the tenderness of the meat and the sweetness of the sauce.

It is notably possible to find it in our box developed in collaboration with La Petite Cave. It includes nearly four wines selected with finesse. An excellent choice if you are not familiar with the world of oenology!

A Pouilly-Fumé

If you are looking for the equivalent of a pianist, with deep and enveloping notes. Choose Pouilly-Fumé instead in this case! Its mineral notes and its roundness in the mouth will make a nice contrast with the sweetness of the sauce. It will bring complexity and depth which will highlight the subtle flavors of the blanquette. A duo that will take you from the confines of Burgundy to the heart of the Loire Valley.

A Viognier 

If you are looking for a more warm and sensual wine, like harp for example, we recommend Viognier. Its aromas of peach and apricot will bring a touch of sweetness and fruitiness which will perfectly complement the blanquette. It will bring a note of escape and indulgence that will enhance your dish. A solo that will transport you to the sunny vineyards of the Rhône.

Among our offering, we offer an exotic Viognier in the “ Les Grands Vins du Monde ” box. This French grape variety is thus developed in Lebanon for more original flavors than those having evolved in France. A good solution if you are tired of typical whites and are looking for a bit of novelty!

Each of these wines has its own personality, but all will play the perfect melody for your blanquette and offer you an unforgettable culinary concert. The selection of wines offered is indicative. You can also turn to red wine , for example, even if it is less suitable for the occasion.

How to serve wine with veal blanquette?

Now that we have our wine, how do we serve it? It's a bit like conducting an orchestra: you have to know how to choose the right moment, the right tempo. Serve your wine at a temperature of around 10-12°C. It is at this temperature that the wine reveals all its flavors, in a way, that its melody reaches its peak.

But that's not all: like a musician warming up before a show, wine sometimes needs to breathe to express itself fully. Do not hesitate to decant it if necessary, to allow it to release all its aromas. For beauty of the eyes, choose a beautiful wine glass, just like choosing the most beautiful concert hall for your orchestra. Because the pleasure of wine also passes through the eyes, and a beautiful glass can enhance the tasting. If you want to taste wine like a pro, we have put together a complete guide for you right here .

You now have all the keys in hand to choose the perfect wine to accompany your veal blanquette. And remember, the most important thing is to have fun. So don't hesitate to experiment, to think outside the box by discovering new grape varieties. After all, life is too short to drink bad wine!