Red Moon 2021

Domaine Camille Braun

Orange Wine

The wine identity card

Region : Alsace / France

Domain : Camille Braun

Vintage : 2022

Grape varieties : Gewürztraminer 100%

Alcohol : 14%

Ideal Temperature: 10 - 12°C - i.e. 25 min in the refrigerator or 8 min in the freezer

The tasting

The view: A wine with an orange color obtained by maceration for 2 weeks before aging in demi-muid (large, very resistant thick barrel which is used for transporting wines and alcohols) for 6 months. In addition, the wine is bottled during the Red Moon period.

Smell: On the nose, we sense a very powerful wine, aromas of herbal teas and dry herbs are very present.

Taste: In the mouth we find notes of roses. The wine is very ample and dry, with well-blended tannins.

Food & Wine Pairing

Roasted Aiguillette with yogurt by starred chef Vivien Durand

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The winemaker and his story

It is in Orschwihr, a wine-growing village located on the southern part of the Alsace Wine Route, that the Camille BRAUN family, winegrowers , invites you to discover their estate, their passion for vines and their great local wines.

The estate is organic and Demeter certified for biodynamics .

The BRAUN family has been documented in Alsace since 1593. Since then, generations of winegrowers have succeeded one another from father to son.

Wine in 3 words