Wine Vinified Under The Sea

Egiategia - Dena Dela

The wine identity card

Region : South-West / France

Domain : Egiategia

Vintage : Not Vintage

Grape varieties : Colombard, Ugni blanc

Alcohol : 11%

The winemaker and his story

In 2007, Emmanuel Poirmeur filed the patent for vinification and aging of wines under water .

This new process will seek the physical conditions necessary for carrying out winemaking: pressure, darkness, thermal inertia and above all agitation, particularly due to pressure variations linked to the tides.

Since 2008, EGIATEGIA has been carrying out fermentations in tanks in the Bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz at a depth of 15m .

Prepare the tasting

Ideal Temperature: 8 - 10°C - i.e. 28 min in the refrigerator or 10 min in the freezer

Perfect Pairings: Iberian charcuterie, blue cheese, salmon tartare, shellfish

The tasting

The view: A very clear and crystalline color with very fine bubbles which develop into foam during serving

The sense of smell: a mineral, saline and iodized nose in which we find the producer's underwater winemaking work.

The taste: a very fresh and chiselled palate around a palette of citrus fruits such as lime and yuzu lemon. More mineral and iodized tones and very fresh aromas of guava and passion fruit emerge later.

Wine in 3 words