Saint Estephe

Château Cos Labory 2011

The wine identity card

Region : Médoc / Bordeaux / France

Estate : Château Cos Labory

Appellation: Saint-Estèphe - Grand Cru Classé of 1855

Vintage : 2011

Grape varieties : Petit Verdot 100%

Alcohol : 13%

The winemaker and his history

The Château takes its name from its geographical location on the hill of Cos and the name of François Labory, owner until 1845.

The Château Cos Labory vineyard is located on the hillside of Cos which is planted with traditional Médoc grape varieties : Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc and Petit Verdot.

The vineyard is divided into three plots that are quite different from each other, the soils of which are respectively composed of gravel, limestone and clay.

Prepare the tasting

Ideal Temperature: 16 - 18°C ​​- i.e. 15 min in the refrigerator or 3 min in the freezer

Perfect Pairings: beef (rib steak, prime rib), duck parmentier

The tasting

The view: A purplish red dress. Garnet highlights.

Smell: The nose reveals itself to be finely woody (vanilla, toasted), with a background of red fruits, fruity and blackberry notes.

Taste: Charming from the moment it enters the mouth, it develops into suppleness, sweetness and deliciousness. The wine is well structured by solid tannins without harshness.

Wine in 3 words


Dark fruits