5 gift boxes to give to a man

If you are looking for a gift idea to definitely please a man, rather than treating yourself to a personalized t-shirt or mug, we have selected 5 gift ideas that will please any self-respecting gentleman. Between specific tastes, varied hobbies and the desire to surprise, choosing the ideal gift can quickly become a headache.

Whether for a Valentine's Day gift, a Christmas gift, a bachelor party or Father's Day , finding an original gift idea that fits your budget and will please can be a real challenge. But don't worry, we're here to help! So, without further ado, let's discover together these gift boxes that will make every man happy.

Wine tasting box

For men who view wine as a liquid art form rather than just a drink, a wine tasting set is the perfect gift. It's like giving a ticket to a taste journey around the world, without the hassle of airport security checks. Whether your man is a fan of the complexity of Burgundy wines, a fan of the robust character of Languedoc wines, or has a weakness for the finesse of a Pinot Noir or the liveliness of a Chardonnay, there is a box for him. And the best? No need for a passport!

And that's not all ! These sets don’t just throw a handful of bottles into a box. No, they go further. They are like a personal sommelier, providing winemaking information, detailed tasting notes, and even wine pairing suggestions. Imagine your man, sitting in his favorite armchair, a glass of wine in hand, nodding as he reads the tasting notes as if he were the Sherlock Holmes of wine. “Ah, yes, I certainly detect notes of red fruits and a hint of vanilla in this Pinot Noir,” he will say, and you may nod your head in agreement, even if all you can detect is is that the wine is, in fact, red.

flakon box great wines of the world

Finding an original and unusual gift can be quite difficult, especially for wine! But at Flakon, we have chosen to develop a unique bottle format to provide access to new great wines at an affordable budget. Ideal for epicurean gourmands looking for new adventures!

Beard care set

If he wears his beard with as much pride as a lion wears his mane, then a beard care set could be the gift he's been waiting for. Imagine for a moment: it's like offering a stay at a five-star spa, but for the face.


These boxes are generally filled with products that would make the most experienced barber blush: beard oils to nourish and moisturize, balms to tame the most stubborn hairs, combs, brushes and beard trimmers for styling worthy of a professional. You'll find beard scissors for precise mustache trimming, for example, a razor for impeccable contours, and even skin care products to keep your man's face as soft as baby skin. So many accessories for men for a wonderful well-being gift!

Our selection: Big Mustache , Art of the Barber

Box of craft beers

If the man in your life is the type to savor each sip of beer like a sommelier savors a fine vintage, then a box of craft beers might just be the gift he needs. These boxes are a veritable Ali Baba's cave for beer lovers, with a selection of beverages from independent breweries, offering a range of flavors and styles as diverse as they are surprising.


And it's not just a question of taste! Whether your man prefers the pronounced bitterness of an IPA, the richness of a stout or the lightness of a lager, there's a beer for him. Some boxes add an educational touch by providing information about each beer, including the history of the brewery, the brewing process and tasting notes.

Our selection: Une Petite Mousse , Le Comptoir Irlandais

Cooking course box

Do you know a man who thinks he's a star chef every time he enters the kitchen? Who considers every meal an opportunity to create a work of culinary art? Why not feed your passion with a set of cooking classes?


It's not just a gift, it's a gastronomic adventure in a box. Each box is an invitation to plunge your hands into the dough, to smell the aromas of exotic spices, to listen to the whisper of gently cooking vegetables. It's a chance to learn alongside a professional chef, discovering the secrets of world cuisines, from the techniques of French gastronomy to the rustic simplicity of Italian cuisine, to the bold flavors of Asian cuisine . Additionally, the skills learned in these courses are not limited to a single use. They can be reused, perfected, and even shared.

Our selection: Wonderbox, Smartbox

Box of high-tech gadgets

Do you know a man who is a real tech geek? A guy who could spend hours discussing Apple's latest updates or debating the merits of virtual reality versus augmented reality? Well, we have the perfect gift for him: a tech gadget box.

There are both smartphone accessories that will transform his precious phone into a true technological superhero, as well as virtual reality devices that will allow him to live out his science fiction dreams. Or simply a state-of-the-art laptop! And don't worry, we know technology can be a little intimidating for some. That's why each set comes with easy-to-understand instructions, so he can spend less time scratching his head and more time enjoying his new toys.

So, if you're looking for a gift that will make him smile and give him hours of fun (and maybe a little bragging to his friends), look no further. With a box of technological gadgets, you are not only giving him a gift, but also an adventure in the exciting world of technology.

These gift sets offer a variety of experiences and products that can be tailored to tastes. No matter the man in question, your grandfather , your father , your best friend or your husband, each of these boxes can match any occasion. Whether it's for a birthday, a holiday, or just to show your appreciation, here are our best ideas for a perfect gift that will be both appreciated and memorable.