Gastronomic evening

The Box Selection

Exceptional selection, food and wine pairings, pull out all the stops for a successful dinner! Each wine in this box is accompanied by a chef's recipe that can be easily made from home. All you have to do is make your shopping list and put on your apron!

The tasting

Pro Tip : There is an optimal wine tasting order. We start with the sparkling wines, then the dry and rosé whites, then the reds from least to most tannic, and finally the sweet and sweet. The idea is to respect a rise in power to excite the taste buds without saturating them.

The wines are presented in the optimal tasting order.

Muscadet-Sèvre-et-Maine 2020

Castle of Love


Red Moon 2022

Domaine Camille Braun


Haut-Médoc 2018

Château Larose-Trintaudon


Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2019

Château Valade


To shine in Society

The elixir of love

If wine has always had virtues described as euphoric, aphrodisiac, comforting or even disinhibiting, it remains, in the memory of many, the elixir of love.

But did you know that drunk in very small quantities, wine thins the cell membrane, facilitates exchanges and accentuates sensory perceptions?

In any case, this is what doctors Tran Ky and F. Drouard teach us in their book called Les Aphrodisiacs... Cheers!