La Petite Cave x Flakon
La Petite Cave x Flakon

La Petite Cave x Flakon

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Perfect for learning to taste like a sommelier from home

→ Included in your box:

4 bottled wines , selected by experts for quick learning of the art of tasting from home

✓ Access to associated digital training to master the art of tasting

3 months offered to the La Petite Cave email training program to learn to taste like a sommelier all year round

  • Anti-breakage packaging
  • Pre-order: delivery from the end of October
  • Pay in 3X without fees with Klarna

La Petite Cave Training Box

How it works ?

Video tasting to accompany you

Jean-Christophe tastes at the same time as you and explains each step: service, aeration, logging, etc.

1 tasting box

Receive 4 wines in 100ml bottles, selected for a quick learning of the art of tasting.

3 months offered to WineLetter Premium

With this box you benefit from 3 months free (equivalent to €33) of WineLetter Premium, the email training program to “taste like a sommelier”

What you learn

Thanks to the box

  1. Taste like a winemaker or sommelier
  2. Knowing how to recognize why we like a wine or not
  3. How to decipher a wine label
  4. Master the subtle art of food and wine pairings

Thanks to the included WineLetter Premium training

  1. Determining the age of a wine
  2. Choosing the right wine
  3. Determining the aging potential of a wine
  4. Mastering the subtle art of food and wine pairing
What you taste

The wines you taste are selected by La Petite Cave for their educational nature.

For information purposes only, here is an example of route selection (depending on stock)

🔴 AOC Hautes Côtes de Beaune 2019 - Burgundy
🔴 AOC Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 2016 - Bordeaux
🟡 AOC Chablis Premier Cru - 2018 - Burgundy

🟡 AOC Bergerac dry 2021 - White from the South West

Your coach

Jean-Christophe is the author of La Petite Cave, the media & newsletter that combines passion for oenology and the pleasure of the challenge!

More than 15,000 people follow him every day on social networks and in his newsletter to learn about wine.

Training content

With this box, in addition to the tasting video you will have access to Course 1 - Introduction to the world of wine!

  1. Discover the art of wine tasting (order, technique, steps, etc.)
  2. Practice at the same time, to the rhythm of the video
  3. Take advantage of the tasting sheet provided to draw on during the video and for your future solo tastings!
  1. What is wine? Its history, its definition
  2. The different winemaking techniques: white, red, rosé and sparkling
  1. The main red and white grape varieties of France
  2. The influence of vinification and terroirs on wine
  3. How to easily enjoy a good bottle of wine
  1. What temperature to serve wine
  2. How to pair your dishes with your favorite wines
  3. Understand your tastes and express them
  4. Decipher a wine label

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